05 May 2017

It takes courage to speak up. And the more I realized the times I haven’t spoken up or acted upon, has been my sense of self. Whether it’s self-preservation, self-seeking, selfishness - my sense of self has kept me from speaking up about issues. Sometimes I’d let something happen, only because speaking up would be confrontational and I would have to spend more time explaining myself. Perhaps even my ideas don’t matter. But, ideas do matter.

This is true about the workplace. Often times I come across software devs hesitant about speaking up about their own opinions or even their own reservations about not understanding. Which results in simple head nodding and blank stares - continuation of the status quo.

It takes a bit of courage and overcoming one’s self to speak up, especially if you’re the minority idea. To also acknowledge one’s own limitation, requires putting one’s pride away and overcoming the fear of being wrong. This will set the foundation for a growth mindset— ability to always learn and grow from one’s experiences. As a software developer, it’s crucial to always be learning and growing. One doesn’t grow until they’re they are wrong.

Coming to terms with what we don’t know and when we’re wrong not only gives us a chance to learn and grow but also allows others the chance to teach and also learn. Great Software is developed when people learn together. Complex problems are solved when ideas are challenged. The status quo changes when confrontation happens. Everyone’s ideas on your team should matter, you shouldn’t hire someone if you didn’t think their ideas matter. Have the courage to be challenged and to be wrong.

Courage is not the absence of fear; but the absence of self. - Erwin Mcmanus