Working better by Not Working Together

27 June 2017

I came across Gerhard Lazu while listening to how the changelog.com get’s deployed with their Elixir setup.

In the changelog podcast Gerhard shares his thoughts and philosophy about how he works with the Changelog guys on a slick deployment pipeline for the new website. I recommend listening to the podcast to glean some good technical insights: https://changelog.com/podcast/254

Accompanying the technical details is the workflow and culture around working remotely and as the one guy delivering the product. Gerhard breaks down the work for building the pipeline with the stakeholders while not be around them physically and having limited time juggling full-time job and family. Here’s the speaker deck he’s shared in a talk last year.

The title mantras:

Not Working Together (And Still Delivering Value)

Solve Tiny Problems Everyday

Do the Wrong Thing (In Minutes)

Do the Simple Thing (Even if it’s Incomplete)

Make Small Changes (And Deliver Continuously)

Preserve Conversations (In the Original Context)

Write Immutable Documentation (Anchor it with Context)

Ask Continuously (Is This What You Mean?)

Answer Continuously (Why Did I Do This?)

Insist on Separating ‘What’ from the ‘Why’

Users do not care about the HOW

Work a Few Hours at Most (Ask & Wait for Feedback)

Do All the Above ^ (Even when you work together)

Work Alone (When you are impatient)

Learn & Share (Do. Not. Work.)